Fake Hofners

Like many other quality well known brands Hofner guitars and basses are faked by companies who then attempt to pass off the product as genuine. We have all seen handbags, perfume, jeans, trainers and more that are faked and sold at cheap prices. These are not the real thing and are of inferior quality.

We hate this process, particularly when someone has purchased a fake and later realises that the guitar or bass they have is not genuine. It is very hard for us to control this fake market. Attempting to take legal action against a faker is almost impossible as they disappear quickly and the legal process can be slow and expensive.

So if you are purchasing a Hofner then always be aware of just what you are buying and who from. We have a world wide network of dealers and distributors who are authorised by Hofner. They sell only genuine Hofner products. You can see the list by clicking here.

If you find what seems to be a Hofner at an incredibly low price then please check carefully. If the offer is too good to be true then it probably isn't true. If you buy a fake Hofner then there is nothing we can do about this, you must deal with the original seller.

Here are some images of fake Hofners.

Fake Hofner Fake Hofner
Fake Hofner Fake Hofner
This fake Violin Bass has the wrong tailpiece, the wrong bridge, the wrong pickups, the wrong control panel, the wrong scratchplate, the wrong tuners, the wrong headstock logo and the wrong truss rod cover. It is NOT a Hofner.