Adam Anderson – Hurts

Hurts are an English synthpop duo who have achieved phenomenal success throughout Europe.

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Instrument: Verythin Guitar

Hurts are English synthpop duo formed in 2009, consisting of Adam Anderson and Theo Hutchcraft. Their albums, have achieved phenomenal success throughout Europe.

Adam and Theo met outside the 42nd Street nightclub in Manchester in November 2005 and they began discussing music, realising they had similar tastes, they decided to start a band. Over the next few months, they exchanged music and lyrics via e-mail. Their success knows no bounds with four studio albums under their belts.

Happiness (2010); Exile (2013); Surrender (2015); Desire (2017) 

Adam fell in love with and bought a vintage 1960s Verithin and so the friendship with Hofner began. Adam now also has a Verythin Special.






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Photos courtesy of Joshua Halling