Höfner Book Now Available

Our book, to celebrate 125 years in business, is available now!

Hofner Book

Höfner will be 125 years old this September. As part of the celebrations to mark the anniversary a book was commissioned from authors Nick Wass, Harry Sibum and Steve Russell.

 “Höfner Guitars and Violins. A Celebration” is now published and available from a number of sources.

 With a foreword by Chris Rea, 328 pages and more than 400 images and illustrations, the majority taken form Höfner’s own digital archive, it provides a fascinating insight into the life and times of the company whilst simultaneously taking a glance at what was happening in the world outside. Not a technical history or year by year account of the venerable company, it is instead a light hearted look at those crazy Germans tucked away down there in Bavaria as they make violins, guitars and Beatle basses but also manage to fit in the occasional party or fire drill! This is life as it really happened in the wonderful, cluttered and happy workshops at Höfner over the years. By the end of the book you will feel part of the family as you come to first wonder at then fall in love with Höfner during its ups and downs over the last 125 years. You don’t have to be a guitar nerd to read this book as it was written for everyone to enjoy, though a vague interest in Beer, Bavaria and Beatles helps a little.

 The book is currently available through Höfner dealers and Amazon.

 Title: Höfner Guitars and Violins. A Celebration
SBN: 9783000374548
Pages: 328
Size: A4 - Hardcover

Hofner Book Hofner Book
Hofner Book Hofner Book