Katherine Dale - The Vans

Music that is beautiful, simple and honest.

The Vans 1

Instrument: 500/1 Violin Bass

Like most of Australia’s best rock exports, The Vans started touring just about as soon as they could play. And it shows. The Vans’ latest release – OH!NO – boasts the kind of tightness that only comes from on-stage chemistry. First hitting the road in 2011, The Vans have clocked up a staggering amount of shows since forming – not least of which coming from their three consecutive European tours. And while it would be understandable to think that it is ambition driving The Vans, they do this because they absolutely love it.

Hefty-sounding, but always wielding more than a few killer hooks, OH!NO is music written for the love of music, and its formula is tried and true: a melody you can’t forget, a line you can’t help but sing, and a beat that gets you dancing. Beautiful, simple and honest. Ready as ever to see Australia and the rest of the world from the inside of a van and the top of a stage, OH!NO has given The Vans another reason to get back out on the road, which by now is proven to be this band’s spiritual home.

Hometown: Perth Western Australia




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