Nick Oliveri

"My acoustic is a different kind of acoustic, for sure.”

Nick O 1

Instrument: Acoustic Guitar 




Singer and guitarist Nick Oliveri is known for being in bands such as Kyuss, Queens Of The Stone Age and Dwarves, and also his main project, Mondo Generator, a punk/metal hybrid that he formed in 1997.

Normally know as a bass player, Nick is now also playing a Hofner acoustic.

“You see, the thing is, I love doing acoustic shows. It’s a different animal from touring with the band, and it’s something that I feel is attractive to have small, intimate shows, with no barrier, you’re in the crowd, with the crowd, you know, they’re almost on the stage with you. You get to meet people, talk with people a little more and I really enjoy doing it.I sing as hard and loud as I play with the band; I’m not a soft singer, but it’s still as intense. I’ll go in pouring sweat and bleeding and just go for it. My acoustic is a different kind of acoustic, for sure.”