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Violin without ebony?

Ebony is not generally considered endangered, but certain regions of origin have already been included in the ban list of international conservation organizations. What will luthiers and musicians be using if someday ebony is equally prohibited, such as ivory or tortoise shell? Are there possibly replacement materials with even better properties than ebony?

The Master Luthiers of the Höfner workshops are convinced that they have found an answer and present for the first time a violin model Green Line which is 100% free of tropical timber.

*Anti-allergic, anatomically designed Wittner® chinrest made of hi-tech composite material.
*Ultra strong, ultra light Wittner® tailpiece.
*Lower nut made from a bio-composite material - will never crack.  
*Endpin made from European boxwood.

Corène™ fingerboard and upper nut made from a bio-composite material   with a natural look  - yet less sensitive to sweat and mechanical wear and   tear than ebony. • Award-winning Wittner® fine-tuning pegs made of hi-tech composite material. A traditional look and feel combined with ultra smooth and precise tuning thanks to a micro planetary gearing.